How to Book and Prepare for your Reiki 1 Attunement


1.  Please email me to say you are interested, this does not commit you to anything    Email me, Julia on:        



2.  Arrange a free Zoom session to chat through your queries, understanding and experience of Reiki, or simply to say you are starting absolutely from the beginning.    OR, if you are wishing to be Re-Attuned as you may have lost your way a little with your Reiki.   Many do!

3.  Read the 'Prepare for Reiki 1 Attunement Document -  Do a little background research.

4.  Decide you are going ahead with the SUNDAY 5th SEPTEMBER, 2021 - 10.00am - 4.00pm - Attunement Ceremony ONLINE via ZOOM by confirming to me by email and pay the £95.00 fee online.

5.  Receive your Manual in the post, this is included in the course fee [worth £35.00], and is written by my own Reiki Master and Teacher, Ruth Chambers.

6.  Maybe attend one of my 3 weekly yoga classes, your first class with me is free.   We can then get to know each a little more and build our connection with each other.

7.  Buy a really special little note book to start journaling.   

8.  Begin, a week before the Ceremony, your 'cleansing' process:

You may already have an established yoga and meditation practice, although it is not necessary, or you already be looking to start your own self care and development.  Here are the other actions to engage in as part of your preparation for your sacred Ceremony.       Journal what you experience!

Begin a full week before your Attunement Day:

*  No alcohol

*  Avoid a lot of high protein and animal foods.   Eat fruit, vegetables, salads, plant based foods etc and drink lots of water.    Have TONS of water available on the day

* Avoid caffeine.    Try lemon and warm water first thing in a morning

* Be out in nature as much as you can

* Have some quiet time every day, say 15 minutes, or a daily meditation

* Sit quietly and breath deeply.   Basically, you are trying to avoid too much stimulation and stress!   You may have to tell those around you that you are having periods of 'down time/me time' etc

* Become in-tune with your reasons for having Reiki in your life.    And it's OK if there are no specific reasons, you just 'know' the time is right.   Remember to Journal.

And afterwards, I hope you will join in on my 2 hour Reiki Shares, also online [£10], meet with like minded people and gain confidence in your Reiki practice.