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Yoga is not gymnastics. It should 'hear' your body whisper what it needs in the present moment.

My yoga is not the conventional yoga which came to West around 100 years ago. It is not practiced by rote. No sun salutations for instance! A fairly modern invention in the yoga historical time line. There should be no strain on your joints, whatever your age and yoga experience. For instance, the constant obsession with 'hip openers' is not doing the pelvis and lower back that much good. So I encourage you to rotate your hip socket INWARDS!! Being told to straighten the spine etc, when we are curvy beings. Slow yoga can be more challenging, as your body cannot anticipate what is coming next ( as in sun salutations), do you have to bring your Mind along to your mat and experience Mindfulness. I recently went to a class in a leisure centre. At the end, there was no Shavasana or time for reflection. The class just packed up quickly, looked down at their phones, and rushed off! What a shame, everyone had a good stretch however, but no spiritual experience. I do hope you give this small niche market a trial, the yoga police don't always like the lack of precision in the moves, like in triangle pose! But your joints and ligaments should appreciate you trying something different. Let me know what you think after your first session with me online via Zoom. This first session is free. Thursday's, 7.00pm - 8.30pm. Sign up on

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