No experience of Yoga necessary. 

I take a holistic approach to Pregnancy Yoga, calling on Qi Gong and Celtic Shamanic elements, even though I am down to earth and quite straight talking!   


Your first session with me is free, as it important you feel a connectiong with your Yoga teacher anyway, but even more so in these special months.

Classes begin on Thursday morning January 27th, 11.00am - 12 noon online via Zoom by prior appointment and on condition you have read and returned the Contract to me which outlines how you take responsibility for your own safety.    And that you have received permission from your Midwife/Doctor.    The Contract will be emailed to you when you have booked your first free session.

If you decide to continue the sessions are then £10 per week or £32 per month.

Click here to Email me, this does not commit you to anything.   It will just connect us so you can ask any questions, maybe even set up a free quick session Zoom for a chat too, with your friend, mum or partner too!