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I was overwhelmed in the past with the many different styles and forms of yoga there were to choose from.   Then I discovered Scaravelli-inspired yoga, and it was like........ wow, this suits me as a person and as a way to reach my personal goals.     I can do just what suits MY body.


Slow Yoga is perfect for beginners, as you can begin from a very safe starting place, not worrying about going into hard bendy shapes.  Finding release in your body as you start to let go of tensions, often you may have held onto these tensions for years, and they just became, well...... normal!   


Slow Yoga is also perfect for the experienced, as you can then extend all you know, un-do it, break it down, piece by piece, experience it from a different place in your tissues, spine and the pull of gravity - give it a go!     The subtle moves require your attention as well as your intention.  


So, your first online class with me is free, so you can experience this nervous-system based approach. 


   Wednesday 10.30am - 12 noon

Thursday 7.00pm - 8.30pm

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We practice the physical moves of Yoga called Asana, for the first hour.  Then have a small break then return for our last 30 minutes for relaxation. 


I then end the class and leave you relaxing for as long as you need to.   No jumping up and driving home!     All Classes are online via Zoom,  just provide your email and then you follow the link I email to you.  

The free class also enables you to include anyone else in your household/family, or even a friend if Covid safe to do so.

The monthly or weekly class fees also includes a family member or friend.

To book your first free class:

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