Online Slow Mindful Yoga Classes via Zoom.   And yes, its real Yoga!   Its just not the power/fitness styles of Yoga.
There is no unnecessary overstretching/backbending/opening your hips!   It is kinder to your joints, bad backs, tight ham strings, stiff joints and students have also reported they are sleeping better.   Yoga is more than bending and twisting.  Yoga means Union.  Union with your True Self.

Slow Yoga keeps your attention to what is happening deep in your body.   It will complement all your other gym and fitness work and support your mental health and nervous system.     There is a whole science behind it.

Tuesday's FACE TO FACE YOGA class.    9.30am - 10.45am.   Uig, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides.  HS2 9JE £5 pay in class.

Thursday's ONLINE YOGA class   7.00pm - 8.30pm on Zoom pay online.   First class is free. Applies to Online classes only.

Your First ONLINE ONLY class with me is free.    Then pay £10 'Pay As You Go', weekly drop in.  You can invite other members of your household to join at no extra cost.   And no driving home afterwards!     I end the session and leave you relaxing for as long as you wish to.

Scaravelli-inspired yoga.    Take care of your joints and develop more inner awareness with juliashawslowyoga.

Also Reiki Attunements Online Twice a year Online.   Only 4 students in each 2 day class.   Reiki 1 is £100 which includes your Manual, posted to you, worth £40.00.    Then regular Online Reiki shares - 2 hours on the last Sunday of each month.    Email me for details:


Welcome to Julia Shaw Slow Yoga Online
Classes streamed live via Zoom
from the amazing Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Your first class with me is Free, so you can see how this Yoga might suit your unique anatomy.
Simply email me for your free Zoom links by clicking on my email below:  

Your first free class does not commit you to anything.