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  • Reiki 1 Attunements
    Sun, 10 Oct
    Online Live Event
    10 Oct, 10:00 – 16:00 BST
    Online Live Event
    You are already searching for Reiki, so now is your time.

Upcoming Events

  • Reiki 1 Attunements
    Sun, 10 Oct
    Online Live Event
    10 Oct, 10:00 – 16:00 BST
    Online Live Event
    You are already searching for Reiki, so now is your time.

Located in the breathtakingly beauty and healing landscape of the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.     But can now be accessed ANYWHERE in the UK online, amazing!

Online Yoga AND Reiki Attunements Via Zoom. 
NEXT REIKI 1 ATTUNEMENTS IS SUNDAY 10th OCTOBER, 2021.  10am - 4.pm.   £95 reduced from £195.00.    Includes your Reiki 1 Manual worth £35.00.
Slow Mindful Yoga Transforms Lives.
From feeling overwhelmed to ease - by really sensing into your inner body - this is known as Interoception.  
This is a nervous system based yoga.  'Hear' this approach 'whisper' to your nervous system. It may not be like any yoga you have practiced before!

 Thank you for visiting my website.  Julia Shaw Slow Yoga. All classes are now Online via Zoom in your own home, so you will always have Yoga Near Me!! I am originally from Derbyshire, where I still maintain a very loyal student base, and they can now join me on Zoom too!

My online classes are bought to you from ancient land called Uig, on the Isle of Lewis.  

Specialising in bringing Slow Yoga Online - Scaravelli-inspired Yoga - to new students as well as the more experienced practitioners.   Take care of your joints and develop more inner awareness with


I hope this is the start of your new Yoga and Meditation journey.  Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, SLOW yoga gives your body a chance to really become aware of our sensors and the information they can tell us about our body [we have millions of sensory receptors], the main two we focus on in Slow Yoga are proprioception and interoception. Slow Yoga gives us the time to 'hear' what these sensors are telling us [although I must add that Yoga is not the only way to improve these].

Basically, proprioception is an awareness of your body movements, joint position, muscle tension etc. and where you are in your space.  I also focus quite a lot on our Balance and Gravity.

  Working with Gravity was one of Vanda Scaravelli's main teaching points that she has given us.

Interoception is how we sense INTO the body, the internal organs,  true Mindfulness.

We become more 'present', not just in our yoga practice but in our daily lives.   Paying attention more, to what we are doing in our yoga practice, carries on in our daily lives.

We need the Power Yoga's/Fitness Yoga's, but they cannot give your senses time to really experience proprioceptors  and interoceptor's, and the job's they are there to do on your behalf, which is to send you their 'sensory' information.  

Also the 'shape' of the poses are not the most important part of your Yoga practice, so we leave the 'pretzel' shapes behind!   Safe alignment is still studied, but without violence to the joints, we are curvy beings!   And some of our limbs and joints were not designed to be stretched, opened and forced into unnatural positioning.   You could end up focusing on the discomfort instead of experiencing deep inner nourishment to the joints and an absolute sense of calm.

What to expect from our online Classes:

* Engineering for the body!
* Build resilience to Stress and its Triggers, wherever those stresses are coming from.   Work, Home, Relationships, Life Struggles etc
* Reduce Depression and Anxiety [there is a whole science around this!]
* Breath work practice to 'remind' the body how to relax
* Meditation to help clear that 'busy' mind
* Philosophy and Spiritual practice for self development and awareness
* Improved sleep and the motivation for much needed self care
* Trust that your body CAN practice yoga, especially if you have been deterred by some of the more difficult 'shapes' you may have seen yogi's practicing!
* Experience the Reiki distant energy I also incorporate into the sessions

If you are joining my classes for the first time, then your first class is FREE.  Please subscribe by sending me a message from the CONTACT PAGE ABOVE.   You can experience this approach to yoga before deciding if you would like to sign up for more.  For instance, there are no sun salutations!!!

  But you will find your sun salutations have mysteriously improved!  

Weekly yoga lessons in your own home.   The Covid Virus and Yoga has meant that so many face to face classes are cancelled, yet you can still enjoy group yoga and meeting others in your Zoom Room!

   Slow Yoga Online is for ALL levels of experience.  From absolute beginners to Student Yoga Teachers, Yoga Teachers and Yogi's and Yogini's who have been practising for a long time.  All in your own home.  Safely.

Thursdays 7.00pm - 8.30pm    

All Yoga lessons online via Zoom, you will be sent the link, via Email once you have booked and paid online. No driving afterwards!

Take this SLOW weekly Hatha Yoga Course in your own home.  This is not Power Yoga.  But it is powerful, and strong!   It is sometimes known as "intelligent" yoga, as it 'allows' the body to follow its own natural patterns of movements, which are unique to each person. I like to think these are the movement we first started doing in our waterworld in the womb!

I believe its a good place for Beginners to Online Yoga to start yoga with, as there are minimal adjustments required, so it is very safe.   And the more experienced who would like to have a different approach to their Yoga practice by slowing down, using breath and gravity to release tension in the spine and using this approach as a counter-balance to their Power Yoga practice.

Weekly yoga lessons are £10 per household, so you can practice with your family or a friend [if safe to do so during Covid restrictions].

THE BEST VALUE however, is the 4-weekly payment plan at £32 which means only £8 a class for the whole of your household, or with a friend who is in your Covid bubble.

No yoga experience needed.  We practice the physical moves of Yoga called Asana, for the first hour.  Then have a small break [all in your own home]. Then return for our last 30 minutes for breath work, meditation or Yoga Nidra, and then Relaxation.  

Beginners to Yoga very welcome. And the more experienced have said how much they love this slower, deeper way of working. No stress on the joints. Be Here Now, Mindfulnes