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I was overwhelmed in the past about the many different styles and forms of yoga there are to choose from.   Then I discovered Scaravelli-inspired yoga, and it was like........ wow, this suits me as a person and as a way to reach my personal goals.
I had found my 'tribe'.

Slow Yoga does not mean gentle!
The subtle moves require your attention
as well as your intention.
So, your first online class is free, so you can experience this nervous-system based approach.   
It can be incorporated into whatever form or style of Yoga you practice.

Slow Yoga Online

Upcoming Event 
Reiki 1 Online Attunement [or re-attunement!]
With Celtic Shamanic influences
Sunday 21st November 2021

Click here  https://www.juliashawslowyoga.co.uk/reiki-attunements

Thankyou for landing on my site, even though you might be hoping for face to face classes.
I am only offering my Yoga Online via Zoom, but please dont let this put you off, at least experience your First Free Trial Class with me!    Either complete the POP UP that may have already popped up - Or book your free trial class by clicking on my email link below.   I will send you the Zoom link and ask a couple of questions about any injuries or current health issues I need to know of please.   You are not committed to anything by doing so:   


My Slow Yoga is not part of the fitness Industry.   It is kind to your joints with no unnecessary over stretching

Scaravelli-inspired yoga.  Slow Yoga is not power or fitness yoga. 
No unnecessary stretching or stress on joints.

Reiki Attunements Online
Monthly Celtic Shamanic-Reiki Online Gatherings


Originally from Derbyshire, I am now located in the breathtakingly beauty and healing landscape of the Outer Hebrides, Scotland and can now be accessed ANYWHERE in the UK online, amazing!
Slow Mindful Yoga Transforms Lives.    It is akin to the slow flowing moves of Tai Chi/Qi Gong when their wonderful amazing ancient words say - ' stones are hard and water is soft, but it is the water that wears away the stone'.    In this form of Yoga, when the practice becomes a little more challenging then we SLOW down, and over time, a softness enters the body - read that as - tension LEAVES the body.     This is true Mindfulness yoga.   You will notice Qi Gong influences as well as Celtic Shamanic influences in both my Reiki Attunements and Guided Meditations in our yoga class.
From feeling overwhelmed to ease - by really sensing into your inner body - this is known as Interoception.  
This is a nervous system based yoga.  'Hear' this approach 'whisper' to your nervous system. It may not be like any yoga you have practiced before!

Specialising in bringing Slow Yoga Online - Scaravelli-inspired Yoga - to new students as well as the more experienced practitioners.  
Take care of your joints and develop more inner awareness with

I hope this is the start of your new Yoga and Meditation journey.  Maybe even your Reiki awakening over time.  Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, SLOW yoga gives your body a chance to really become aware of our sensors and the information they can tell us about our body [we have millions of sensory receptors], the main two we focus on in Slow Yoga are proprioception and interoception. Slow Yoga gives us the time to 'hear' what these sensors are telling us [although I must add that Yoga is not the only way to improve these].

Basically, proprioception is an awareness of your body movements, joint position, muscle tension etc. and where you are in your space.  I also focus quite a lot on our Balance and Gravity.

  Working with Gravity was one of Vanda Scaravelli's main teaching points that she has given us.

Interoception is how we sense INTO the body, the internal organs,  true Mindfulness.

We become more 'present', not just in our yoga practice but in our daily lives.   Paying attention more, to what we are doing in our yoga practice, carries on in our daily lives. 

Also the 'shape' of the poses are not the most important part of your Yoga practice, so we leave the 'pretzel' shapes behind!   Safe alignment is still studied, but without violence to the joints, we are curvy beings!   And some of our limbs and joints were not designed to be stretched, opened and forced into unnatural positioning.   You could end up focusing on the discomfort instead of experiencing deep inner nourishment to the joints and an absolute sense of calm.

What to expect from our online Classes:

* Engineering for the body!
* No Sun Salutations, head stands or shoulder stands!
* Build resilience to Stress and its Triggers, wherever those stresses are coming from.  
* Reduce Depression and Anxiety [there is a whole science around this!]
* Breath work practice to 'remind' the body how to relax
* Celtic Shamanic influences in the guided Meditations
* Philosophy and Spiritual practice for self development and awareness
* Improved sleep and the motivation for much needed self care
* Trust that your body CAN practice yoga, especially if you have been deterred by some of the more difficult 'shapes' you may have seen yogi's practicing!
* Experience the Reiki distant energy I also incorporate into the sessions
*  Setting more authentic and powerful Intentsions

   Slow Yoga Online is for ALL levels of experience.  From absolute beginners to Student Yoga Teachers, Yoga Teachers and Yogi's and Yogini's who have been practising for a long time.
All in your own home via Zoom
For your first free class please email me for the link:

Thursdays 7.00pm - 8.30pm    

This is not Power or fitness or gymnastic type Yoga.  But it is powerful, and strong!   It is sometimes known as "intelligent" yoga, as it 'allows' the body to follow its own natural patterns of movements, which are unique to each person. I like to think these are the movements we first started doing in our waterworld in the womb!

I believe its a good place for Beginners to Online Yoga to start yoga with, as there are minimal adjustments required, so it is very safe.   And the more experienced who would like to have a different approach to their Yoga practice by slowing down, using breath and gravity to release tension in the spine and using this approach as a counter-balance to their Power Yoga practice.

Weekly yoga lessons are £10 per household, so you can practice with your family or a friend [if safe to do so during Covid restrictions].

THE BEST VALUE however, is the 4-weekly payment plan at £32 which means only £8 a class for the whole of your household, or with a friend who is in your Covid bubble.

We practice the physical moves of Yoga called Asana, for the first hour.  Then have a small break then return for our last 30 minutes for relaxation.    I then end the class and leave you relaxing for as long as you need to.   No jumping up and driving home!

  You do not have to sign up to Zoom to be able to access the Classes, just provide your email and then you follow the link I email to you.  

We have to modify our Lesson Plans as we cannot be in the room to modify your poses, but we can make suggestions for adjustments via the screen. We have to ask you to take responsibility for own Yoga Practice to keep yourself safe from injury, and ask that you never practice anything that does not feel right for your body. Always follow your own instincts. Sit down whenever you need to rest, that is GOOD practice. Have your room warm, maybe dim the lights, try and have an empty stomach, have water to hand, and of course, a blanket, extra socks and a pillow if you need one for the relaxation afterwards.  

Please inform me privately, by email, of any recent, or long term injuries or conditions, whatever they may be, we can work around most health issues. I respect your privacy totally and will never sell or give away your information, email etc.

If you have queries, please GET IN TOUCH >>


"You will be amazed to discover that, if you are kind to your body, it will respond in an incredible way".

'Awakening the Spine' - Vanda Scaravelli