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Welcome to Julia Shaw Slow Yoga

Online classes streamed live from the stunning Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Sometimes with our Goldendoodle dog Dougal

Always looking for rabbits on our walks on the cliffs above the Atlantic ocean

[Originally from Derbyshire]   


CURRENTLY FOR APRIL, MAY AND JUNE 2024 classes streamed from Derbyshire


Also for April, May and June 2024 - Face to Face classes in Morton and Stretton Derbyshire


20+ years as a Yoga Teacher

38+ years as a Counsellor and Counsellor Trainer


*Uncomplicated yoga with no over stretching or pretzel shapes!

*  In your own home with no driving afterwards

* This is not power or fitness yoga

*  Instead, it is designed for those of us who can't do what we could 20 years ago!

*  And designed for Beginners as a confidence builder to starting Yoga


See this excellent article from the BBC on Yoga and how it has changed:

BBC article on Yoga and Depression:

* Gentle uncomplicated yoga for those aches and pains that happen as we age!
*  But if you are more used to a power style of yoga, then Slow Yoga might be a real eye-opener for you!
​* Beginners and Seniors welcome
*Best classes if you feel nervous about Yoga, especially Online Yoga
*Best classes if you feel stiff and have sore aching stiff joints
*This Yoga is not gymnastics.   You dont have to be flexible or touch your toes

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