Hi, I am originally from Derbyshire and I am 66 years old [as of 2021!], who loves being a Grandma!  I am lucky to be able to split my time between The Western Isles and Derbyshire.   I am just really ordinary and cannot reach my leg behind my neck, perform a handstand or stand on my head! 

 I put weight on, I lose it again!

I started my working life as a shorthand typist aged 16, and very slowly progressed to training as a Counsellor at Derby University and that has been my main work ever since.  Which has included the training and Supervising of Counsellors for many years.

I actually began Yoga in my 20's for a short while, but didn't re-discover it again until 2000 to help recove from a sudden emergency operation when I was 45 [ectopic pregnancy].   I quickly knew I wanted to become a Yoga Teacher and qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga as soon as I could!


I have been combining my Therapy work with Yoga classes ever since.  Both are now Online via Zoom due to the Covid outbreak of 2020.   I never knew either would work online but they do!

I am also a Reiki Master.  Attuning and often re-attuning others to the wonderful Reiki energy, and amazingly...... sending Reiki energy to my students via Zoom too.   We are learning all the time!

I have now been drawn to Shamanism and the amazing new energies it is opening up to me.   Already it is starting to influence the way I teach Yoga and practice and teach Reiki, I hope you find your interested in our plants and the world around us opened up even more.    Oh yes, have also just started wild swimming!    Absolutely freezing to start with, but wow!     

I am Mindful that we can 'Westernise' Yoga too much and so I prefer to stay as true as possible to the ancient concepts and Philosophy of Traditional ancient Yoga.    All that constant 'hip opening' and sun salutations are not for me anymore!


Slow Yoga might be a small 'niche' market, but all the marketing tools in the world say; "Teach what you love"!     And I am.   I have no wish to be an Instagram sensation!   I built this website myself,  [yes, it shows, I know!  It really isnt mobile friendly LOL].  I love teaching this style of yoga and I know there are others out there who no longer want to practice the more Power Yoga's  OR, are just beginning their Yoga journey OR  just want a slower pace of life. 

  I have practiced the Power and Fitness Yoga's in the past, but prefer this more thoughtful and Mindful way of practicing.   My wrists prefer it too!

I believe many students need and prefer this way of practicing instead of the more fitness styles of Yoga.   I am not ultra thin or flexible, I am just me.    This style compliments the stronger yoga's.   The slow, unhurried deep moves are based on Vanda Scaravelli's teachings.  I have been lucky to attend many workshops with talented Teachers who actually met Vanda and learnt directly from her and I continue to meet and work with teachers who have been taught by THESE same teachers, so my journey just goes on and on.   I am in no way an expert on Vanda's teachings.   I can only call myself, very loosely, a "Vanda Scaravelli-inspired teacher" as I continue striving to keep learning more and more about this amazing approach to Yoga.   Learning to 'un-do' as opposed to 'do' yoga.  And practice 'non-attachment' to the effort.  No violence on the joints, my inner voice much softer and kinder to myself.

Yoga, for me, is not just a once a week class, it is more about incorporating yoga into ones life daily, so it doesn't become just about the physical work.  For instance, being aware of your breath daily, hopefully hourly!  Stopping every now and then in your busy day [there is an App for that somewhere!] to just stop and watch the breath, maybe taking 10 or even just 5 minutes to put your feet up against a wall, and stop and be still.  Anything, where you can  just 'be' and listen to your inner voice. 

Begin slowly with a Meditation practice, again, 5 Minutes a daily in quiet stillness is just amazing.   "Be good to yourself", my Dad always used to say, I never really new what he meant when I was young, I never knew I would be using his words some 60 years later!


'Be Here Now' speaks to me.   Be here without ego, competition and those busy thoughts. Practice self care and self soothing.


I don't think I will ever retire!    I look forward to seeing you in class.