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Hi there, some things to consider

What are the differences between attending Online Yoga classes as opposed to attending face to face classes with your teacher and yoga group?   Keep reading....... 

For me, one of the most important issue that influences my Lesson Planning is the fact that I am not in the room with you, to help gently, help you make simple adjustments to your practice, with a light 'hands-on' touch.    So the lesson plan has to reflect a very safe approach to practice.


However, Slow Yoga - based on Scaravelli-inspired Yoga - gives you the time and space for your body to 'feel' its way into making its own internal/hardly felt, tweaks and adjustments.    Your body KNOWS when something doesn't feel right.


Some of the problems I used to face when attending classes, was that I felt bound to try and copy what the teacher was showing us.   Bound to try and look the same as everyone in the class, who I was convinced, found it all easier than I did!    Ego-led yoga!!  

I never thought Yoga classes would work Online, I had to think long and hard before offering them.   But once I realised, that, by keeping the Online classes small, I could still observe all my students, encourage them to keep their practice individual to them...................  You will hear me say "take your time".   "When you are ready, come back to seated", etc.   "Rest when you need to, only use 80% of your effort at all times".   And so on.    I began offering my classes Online in the summer of 2020, and so have learnt a great deal about the benefits and drawbacks of Online classes, and teach accordingly.

Because students are in their own home [and dont have to jump up and drive home!], I devised my own way of ending the classes.    This is what I do..........................   5 minutes before the end of class, I will sound my singing bowl, and students can hear that, and know to slowly come back from relaxation in their own time.  Stay in relaxation for as long as they wish to.    And to promise me that they wont just jump up and rush around with their daily jobs!      Students know they can email me afterwards with feedback, complaints [!], or any question they have about the Yoga classes.    I really like to get to know my students, rather than have a Zoom-room full of strangers.


But still really love teaching face to face!     

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