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Guided Meditation


To give you the tools and knowledge to practice our Yoga classes in your own home so that you don't limit yourself to attending one class a week!



To teach you the power of setting Intentions.   It can be a spiritual Intention for instance.   It 'sets the scene' and expectations for your yoga practice.   It is a tool for self reflection afterwards.  They are sacred to you and your healing yoga practice and its a means of taking a few moments at the beginning of class to think about why you have rolled out your mat!   And gives you something to revisit throughout your practice.    Again, so you are not mindlessly moving your body through a set of sequences without your full engagement.    Intention setting gets easier over time!

Some basic examples:

I am grounded.

I am in the present moment.

I am relaxed.

I am healing.

Some more advanced examples:

I am open to healing for my greater good. 

I am open to forgiving myself and those who have harmed me.

I am open to Spirit for only my greater good.

Today I give gratitude for ..........

Yoga Instructor


Before our class really begins, we all take the time to set our Intention which means what we would like to achieve in this particular yoga class.    This process is a wonderful way in which to find your focus a mindfulness. Jumping from one asana/pose to another is just dull and doesn't keep you involved in your practice!    

   Slow Yoga is not like a fitness class, it draws you in so you are fully aware of what you are experiencing in your body.    That is part of the magic of Yoga.   You will be taught how to set your Intention if you don't already know how, so dont worry.

Class themes are in monthly blocks so you can practice the same yoga over time and notice your improvement.   

Yoga after all, is a progressional tool to wellness.

Theme's are same in the Face to Face Classes in Derbyshire

 As well as our Online Thursday's Zoom Classes - 7.00pm - 8.30pm - 2024

JANUARY - Emphasis is on improving strength, flexibility and build some resilience to sitting as our theme includes building your Meditation practice

February - The Vagus Nerve

March - The Psoas

April - Putting Strength before Flexibility

May and some of June 2024 - Strengthening the IT Band

We will carry on reminding the joints and limbs to gently and appropriately, expand their range of movement. 

   Using gentle subtle but effective movements that the body loves, remembers, and will respond positively to.  Slowly gaining more mobility for any stiff, sore areas you may have.

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