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One of my Classes
on YouTube - link above

You can come back and practice with this YouTube class as many times as you wish

My attempt at recording myself could have gone better!!! 

Please prepare yourself as if you were joining a live class:

  You agree to take full responsibility for your own safety while practicing with my recordings and stop if the Yoga is not for you.

Please do not eat before Yoga.    Allow at least 2 hours since your last light meal, or better still practice on an empty stomach.


Not very professional, its just me in my  little yoga room at home on the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

 But I hope you will give it a go and get a feel of my approach to yoga classes. 


 No Sun Salutations in sight!!! 


My classes are designed to cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.


No over stretching. 


Yoga is progressive so over time you will notice subtle changes in  flexibility,  strength, and a greater resilience/recovery

from stress. 


This Youtube class does NOT consitute your first FREE class.   Its just to give you a Taster.


I am a better Yoga Teacher than a Film Maker!!!

More Video's to come however.

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