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Things to know for a Beginner to Yoga

Making the decision to begin Yoga can open up a whole new LIFESTYLE for you. Expecially if you are aiming to change your current fitness and improve your stress levels. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

  1. Yoga is a Progressive, Transformative journey. Be patient, give it time to start noticing major changes, minor changes can be experienced in the first session.

  2. Dont be imitated by watching others who seem more flexible than you. Being flexible is not what we aim for. Ease in the joints and a growing ability to recover from stress quicker is a life changing, long lasting lifestyle change.

  3. You dont have to be flexible to do yoga. We shouldn't overstretch around the joints.

  4. Wear comfortable clothing.

  5. Practice on an empty stomach.

  6. Dont believe everything your teacher says!!! Trust your own body to say "this move isnt right for me at this time". And make gentle adjustments. STOP if something is hurting.

  7. Find a good teacher. Many teachers, sad to say, are motivated by their own ego! Sorry Yoga world!! They tend to do the poses they are good at!

  8. Build up to a regular practice, over time, which includes meditation. Even 10 minutes of Yoga daily is wonderful.

  9. Learn what Yoga actually is. Not the Westernised fitness style. Yoga is not all about the physical yoga poses - known as Asana. It is even more importantly, about breathwork, spiritual growth, meditation. With 1000's of years of Yoga History behind it.

  10. Learn that Mindfulness and Meditation are not the same.

  11. Online Yoga and Face to Face Yoga classes are different. We were forced into Online classes due to Covid and I am glad to say they are now here forever. So choose which is best for you.

  12. I really like this website for clearer advice for Beginners. And even those who are re-starting their practice

  13. Yoga can and does cause injuries. There are contra-indications in Yoga which a good teacher will guide you with.

  14. There are Yoga Myths that cant be ignored. I like this website that hightlight many of them

  15. P.S. I cannot understand the obsession with the Sun Saluation practice. I no longer teach it. Too much flexion on the spine.

  16. P.P.S. I further cannot understand the infernal obsession with 'open your hips'. Why?! I really like this article:

  17. Use props. A Yoga brick is different to a Yoga block. Folded blanket, yoga belt/long scarf. Wrist supports. What ever you need to support and ease your body into Asana.

  18. P.P.P.S. These are my thoughts only! Please enjoy your journey into learning more about yourself.

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