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Yoga students who return to my classes year after year are the reason I teach in the way I do.  Yoga for stress relief and bringing Meditation in your practice will be my theme for early 2024.



"I have had face to face classes with Julia for several years and was a bit anxious about how it would be on Zoom.

I was delighted with how easy it was to join online, the tech was great. Julia's class was identical to her face to face class, I loved it and was not expecting to feel that about a Zoom class.

Julia is an inspiring and fun teacher  and I highly recommend her Zoom class , give it a try, you'll love it too I'm sure!"

View of a woman conducting virtual fitne


“A couple of years ago I used to attend face to face  Yoga sessions with Julia.  When I saw that she was running on line sessions I thought I would try it out and the first few were free."


There are so many advantages in doing this, you don’t have to mix with other people although they are there on line, you can set the scene in your own room e.g. light a candle or dim the lights, you don’t have to travel, and when you have finished you don’t have to move straight away unless you want to and you can climb straight into a hot bath or shower afterwards.


I have been shielding and the opportunity to do yoga in my own home has been amazing for me.  I just get cosy, listen to Julia's voice and demonstrations over the computer. I have noticed a real difference in my body which is more supple and having recently lost a lot of weight it is perfect for me to do slow yoga exercises to tone especially as I am in my senior years.


As for sleeping well, let me tell you, I sleep like a log afterwards! Hard work yet so relaxing.


If you are thinking about this, just do one session and see what I mean, you have nothing to loose, Julia is a very patient teacher and does not rush, you are not put you under any type of pressure whatsoever, you are in charge of what you do. Thank you Julia".

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"Julia's combination of poses and stretches, plus the breath work and relaxation included in every class, are just perfect.   I've tried other teachers but no-one comes even close!"



" I just love Julia's yoga classes - they are pitched just right, amazing how much strength you build up week by week, always have a sense of well-being, peace and calm afterwards. 


 Love the delivery on Zoom as well and Julia always injects a good dose of humour too!! 

 Highly recommended! "



"I found the movements small yet powerful when used with the breath. It was lovely to stretch my muscles. Is it a particularly type of Yoga?"

Yes, Kerri, it is Scaravelli-inspired

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