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 Hi everyone


Our next Reiki Share Gathering is being arranged:


   FRIDAY'S  7.00pm - 9.00pm


Please let me know you would like to attend by email 


Here are my Bank Details:


Bank of Scotland


Mrs J Shaw




Please let me know by email you have paid so I can send you the Zoom link

OR use the following link on the website to book and pay:

We can have a brief chat via Zoom sometime in the weeks before a Reiki Share Gathering if you wish, especially if you dont know me and you might have some questions.


You only need to be Attuned from Reiki level 1 upwards, from any Reiki School and Reiki Master.


My next Reiki 1 Attunement/Re-Attunement is being arranged.      Only 4 participants at a time.


Reiki has always been offered by Distance.


Spend time with like minded people.


Enhance your own Reiki Practice.


Experience giving and receiving Reiki healing online.


[Sometimes we will just focus on practicing our own Self Reiki healing as I guide you through the hand positions etc].


Gain more confidence in your Reiki practice.


We always start with brief introductions from everyone.   Then have a guided Shamanic journeying.  Then I will pair you up and guide you through the 20 minute Reiki Share.    Both of you will share a little feedback, and then swop over.


Before the session begins, I will sit, light a candle, smudge with sage and ask my Guides to protect and create a safe and energetic circle.  I will say the name of each of you and send Reiki for the Gathering to follow - that it is to be for our highest and greatest good.     All welcome.


Love and Light


Julia Shaw xxx

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