Hi everyone


Our next Reiki Share is:


    SUNDAY JUNE 13th  11.00am - 1.00pm


Please let me know you would like to attend by email 


Here are my Bank Details:


Bank of Scotland


Mrs J Shaw



We can have a brief chat via Zoom if you wish, especially if you dont know me and you might have some questions.


You only need to be Attuned from Reiki level 1 upwards, from any Reiki School and Reiki Master [next Reiki 1 Attunement/Re-Attunement is September 5th, 2021].


Reiki has always been offered by Distance.


Spend time with like minded people.


Enhance your own Reiki Practice.


Experience giving and receiving Reiki healing online.


[Sometimes we will just focus on practicing our own Self Reiki healing as I guide you through the hand positions etc].


Gain more confidence in your Reiki practice.


We always start with brief introductions from everyone.   Then have a brief meditation, then I will pair you up and guide you through the 20 minute Reiki Share.    Both of you will share a little feedback, and then swop over.


Before the session begins, I will sit, light a candle to create a safe and energetic circle.  I will say the name of each of you and send Reiki for the Shares to follow, to be for our highest and greatest good.     All welcome.


Love and Light


Julia Shaw xxx