I have greatly reduced the cost of this Attunement in order to make it more accessible to everyone

I have created my Reiki Attunement Programme to be appropriate for Online training, via Zoom, by taking further training and Attunement's with William Rand.

Before booking, please arrange to have a Zoom Meeting with me for a chat so I can answer any queries you have about the training, and to get to know each a little before your Attunement.

Please email me to arrange:

The fee of £100.00 [reduced from £195.00 while offering Online Attunements] includes:

All your pre-course preparation paperwork.

  Reiki 1 Degree Manual, which will be posted to you [worth £35.00]. 

  All post-attunement support you need

 The sacred Attunment Ceremony.

 Assessment of a 21 day diary which you will keep to record your daily Self Reiki Treatments.

 A 2 hour follow up session, via Zoom, with your 'class members to see how you are getting on.


Invitations to join my monthly Reiki Shares via Zoom. 

  These are 2 hour sessions [£10] where you offer and receive Reiki from each other and feel part of the Reiki Community. 

  Anyone can join these Reiki Shares as long as they have at least Reiki 1 and Attuned by other Reiki Master's.


The next Online Attunement is:


SUNDAY 21st, November  2021

10.00am - 4.00pm

Plus your self study time

Was £195.00, but reduced to £100.00

  Please GET IN TOUCH to be put on the waiting list.

Only 4 spaces per 'class'

Western Isles Reiki



You will be able to practice Reiki on yourself, pets, and your direct family.